Wind, Hurricane & TornadoWind, Hurricane & Tornado Restoration in Dubuque, IA

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Steamatic of Dubuque Wind Damage Restoration Services

Recent weather events have resulted in more frequent and increasingly severe wind catastrophes across the nation. Entire communities have been devastated by high winds and severe storm systems that strike with very little if any, warning. Steamatic of Dubuque provides comprehensive wind damage and restoration services and partners with major insurers to be among the first responders on the scene.


    Complete Wind Damage Restoration in East Iowa

    Destructive winds are strong enough to damage roofing, windows, building structures, and trees. Intense thunderstorms can also lead to water damage inside the home.

    At Steamatic of Dubuque, we have the high-tech equipment and years of experience needed to deal with all of these problems. This includes carpet cleaning services, water damage remediation, and wind damage restoration related to HVAC systems. No matter what is necessary to make your home or business look immaculate again, our team can help.

    Certified Hurricane Damage Services in Dubuque, IA

    Dubuque residents don’t have to worry about hurricane damage the same as Florida homeowners, but it’s good to know that our professionals are certified for disaster restoration at the hurricane level. We understand the best ways to deal with basement flooding, mold, and other problems caused by the worst weather.

    Dubuque, IA Expert Tornado Damage Teams

    After the devastation of a tornado, you may be unsure how to proceed with disaster recovery. Our expert teams stay by your side during the entire process. We make restoration easier by offering trustworthy recommendations and getting to work right away.

    Contacting tornado damage restoration professionals as soon as possible is important. By handling moisture issues immediately, we can prevent further damage to interior surfaces in houses, apartments, and office buildings.

    Unparalleled Results After Any Disaster

    It’s a relief to have a team of professionals who can take care of everything after a catastrophic windstorm. Working with wind damage restoration experts has many benefits:

    • Comfort: Enjoy a clean, fresh-smelling home or business once again. Thanks to professional cleaning, you can have the best air quality and climate control.
    • Peace of mind: One of the things you need most after a disaster is for life to get back to normal. With our professional restoration services, interior surfaces look spotless in no time.
    • Protection: Your home doesn’t just look beautiful when we’re finished; it also enjoys incredible protection against moisture issues. Few things are as important as preventing and eliminating mold.

    For the best results, it’s essential to contact a company with decades of experience. Isn’t your investment worth protecting?

    The Steamatic Difference

    Large Loss Catastrophe Team: Steamatic of Dubuque’s large-loss catastrophe-teams are on standby to assist worldwide with recovery from any type of disaster. Any job, any size, anywhere.

    Contact Steamatic of Dubuque today at 563-556-5821 to request service.



    When disaster strikes, Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

    Request Emergency Response Now for Wind Catastrophe Damage.


    See What Our Customers Have to Say:

    “The Steamatic team were at my house yesterday and did an excellent job! I have a very old house, built in 1896 and the after pictures made such a difference. They did a very thorough job, even went above and beyond my expectations.”

    — Kristy J.


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