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Every year one in five homes will experience water damage to a certain degree. Commercial, industrial, and retail buildings aren’t damaged nearly as often. Water causes damage quickly, often on contact, and must be addressed immediately to mitigate destructive results.

Hiring a certified structural drying company can turn a devastating loss into a minor inconvenience. Steamatic of Dubuque Restoration and Cleaning technicians are trained to minimize water damage as quickly as possible.


    Why Water Damage Restoration Is Essential

    One of the most important reasons to call our water damage restoration team as soon as possible is to prevent mold formation. Excess moisture in a home practically invites mold issues to appear, which can lead to deep problems down the road.

    Here are other ways you and your family benefit from trustworthy water remediation services:

    • Comfort: Enjoy a home that looks, feels and smells unbelievably fresh after water damage issues. That way you can truly relax.
    • Air quality: Mold, mildew and musty smells can lead to allergies and other breathing problems. By cleaning up water damage right away, your home has excellent air quality.
    • Cost Savings:Hiring experienced water damage repair professionals can save you a lot of money compared to purchasing and installing new carpeting, wood floors, and drywall.
    • Safety:After flooding and backed-up drains, it’s not safe for you to clean up soils, and your family shouldn’t breathe potentially toxic air. Calling our experts right away makes sure everyone is safe.

    We clean, disinfect, and dry completely, making each room seem to feel new again. That way you can breathe easy knowing your family is protected.

    What Causes Water Damage?

    Older homes may be more vulnerable to leaks, but all homeowners should stay alert for moisture issues. Pipes or water fixtures can leak, leading to water damage if the problem goes undetected. Natural disasters such as flooding are also responsible for major water damage. Defective roofs can allow moisture to enter the home, and so can improperly caulked windows and doors.

    The good news is that water damage repair can take care of these issues. Whether severe weather, a leaking roof or rusty pipes are responsible, we have a solution that fits.

    What Water Damage Repair and Restoration Includes

    With professional water damage restoration, your home can look beautiful again. Here is what the process often involves:

    • Inspecting damage
    • Removing severely damaged surfaces
    • Drying flooring, walls, and ceilings thoroughly
    • Cleaning affected areas
    • Eliminating mold
    • Testing the home for humidity levels
    • Performing a final inspection

    The amount of cleaning, drying, and replacement required depends on the extent of the damage. Our professionals are equipped to deal with everything from minor leaks to significant flooding.

    How To Recognize the Signs of Water Damage

    The sooner you detect the signs of water damage, the better the results. Acting quickly can prevent moisture from spreading and damaging other areas of the home. Stained or wet areas of drywall are common signs of moisture damage from within.

    Peeling paint and ceiling watermarks may indicate roof leaks. And while occasional mildew in the shower may not come as a surprise, detecting mold or mildew in other parts of the home should throw up an immediate red flag.

    What To Do If You Find Moisture Problems

    If moisture damage is the result of leaking pipes, it’s important to fix the underlying problem by contacting a professional plumber. However, don’t wait long before calling water damage repair professionals to mitigate the residual moisture in the home. That’s something that plumbers can’t do, but it’s essential for preventing serious structural problems or mold issues.

    When moisture damage is caused by flooding, drain backups and severe weather, contact our water damage restoration team immediately. We can evaluate the damage and take action right away to get rid of excess moisture, soil, and contaminants. That way your home can feel fresh and clean again.

    Why Choose Us

    At Steamatic of Dubuque, we have the experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and professionalism needed to completely restore your home after water damage. We’re caring and helpful, taking the time to understand your concerns and provide real solutions that last. Our 100% customer satisfaction means that we don’t leave until your home is attractive again. To learn more, contact us in Dubuque, IA, right away for assistance.

    The Steamatic Difference

    Immediate Response: The longer water sits, the more damage it causes. Our 24/7 capabilities ensure we respond immediately to stop further damage from occurring.

    Our Equipment: Steamatic of Dubuque uses state-of-the-art drying and monitoring equipment to make sure the structure and contents are completely dry. Throughout the process, moisture levels will be taken at regular intervals and include temperature and relative humidity readings.

    Our Experience: We’ve responded to some of the largest flooding and catastrophic events in United States history. We’ve seen it all and cleaned it all.

    Total Satisfaction: Upon completion of the restoration, you and your Steamatic of Dubuque representative will perform a final inspection to determine that all concerns have been addressed.


    When disaster strikes, Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

    Request Emergency Response Now for Your Water Damage.


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