Spring is Here! Get your HVAC & Air Duct Cleaned!

Spring is Here! Get your HVAC & Air Duct Cleaned!

Many of us will start our routine cleaning as spring arrives in Iowa. A great way to clean out your home is to get your HVAC and air ducts serviced.

Air quality is extremely important both inside and outside of your home. Inside your home, quality air starts with the air ducts.

The dirt, pollen, and other contaminants that you and your family naturally bring into your home from the outside can also be re-distributed throughout your home by your HVAC system.

Each year, your air ducts collect roughly 40 pounds of dirt, dust, and other allergens. As the weather gets warmer and the air conditioning gets turned on, all of that buildup gets blown back out through your home.

If anyone in your household has respiratory problems or concerns, you want to make extra sure that you are doing what you can to clear your home from anything that can aggravate their symptoms.

Going beyond better quality air inside your home, cleaning your HVAC and Air Duct regularly has many benefits.

Why should HVAC and Air Ducts be cleaned regularly?

It is important to keep your HVAC and Ducts clean with regularly scheduled maintenance for many reasons. Like any piece of equipment, they need to be maintained properly to work properly, otherwise they will not perform as needed.

Cleaning your HVAC and Air Ducts regularly will:

Restore energy efficiency

Ducts that are covered in dust and dirt mean that the system cannot operate as efficiently as they could without the layer of dirt and dust.

Battle mold growth

Mold spores are spread by air currents and can grow on many different surfaces. Air ducts are a great place for mold to grow and easily spread around your house.

Get rid of any odors

With contaminants, and pollutants settling inside your air duct, this build up can develop an unpleasant smell. Cleaning out the buildup ensures you can do so without smelling anything unpleasant when using your HVAC system.

Help keep your home clean

If not cleaned out, all of the dirt and dust that collects inside your air ducts will get blown out, and spread across your home. While it may not look like a lot, the roughly 40 pounds of dust and dirt is a lot to breathe in.

Signs your Ducts Need Cleaning

If you have not cleaned your HVAC or ducts in the past 12 months, it may be time to get them cleaned.

Signs that your ducts need to be cleaned include:

Reduced Airflow

If you are noticing that the airflow in all or some of your vents has decreased, this could be due to a buildup of dirt and dust or a larger obstruction. Any blockages can be removed safely and efficiently by your HVAC technician while cleaning them.

If you are noticing more dust or an increase in allergy symptoms

Dirty or blocked ducts mean that dust and dirt stay inside your home. If you notice you are needing to dust and vacuum your home more frequently, or if your furnace filter is becoming clogged with dust more quickly than usual, your ducts may need cleaning.

Anyone suffering from allergies knows that dust can cause a flare-up of symptoms. If you notice an increase in sneezing or itching, it may be time to get your ducts cleaned to decrease the dust being blown into the air from dirty ducts.

Our team of experts is ready to help you get clean air in your home today!

No matter the reason, springtime is a great time to air out your home and get rid of the remains of the winter. Make your spring cleaning even more effective by having your ducts cleaned by Steamatic. Our team in Dubuque is equipped with all the necessary tools, equipment and knowledge to help you breathe in comfort inside your home.