Problems You May Face With Unrepaired Water Damage

Water damage can lead to other problems over time if it is not fixed. Here are some issues you may face if you wait to repair water damage in your home.
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Mold can begin to form in as little as 24 hours after water damage occurs. Mold is dangerous to live with because it can cause health and breathing issues in the future the longer you live with it. It can also cause structural damage. If you find mold in your home, getting rid of it immediately is impertinent to protect yourself and your loved ones. Part of getting rid of mold includes removing all moisture from the affected area. This can become difficult, especially since mold is most commonly found in areas with poor ventilation, such as attics or crawlspaces. It is best to seek professional help to remove mold in your home.

Electricity Problems

Water that has infiltrated the inside your walls can compromise the electric wiring in your house. Damage to the wiring can lead to experiencing some electrical problems, create a shock risk, and even cause the electric wiring to spark, leading to a house fire. To keep your home safe, address any water damage immediately to prevent damage behind your walls and underneath floors. If this does happen, you should get it inspected by a licensed professional to make sure your home is safe from electrical issues.

Structural and Material Damage

Water damage can ruin materials that make up the bones of your house. It can cause wood to soften and weaken, and you will need serious repairs to fix it. It can also ruin carpets and hardwood floors, drywall, and insulation. The longer that water damage is left unaddressed, the more likely you will need to pay for more extensive and expensive repairs later on. If severe water damage, such as flooding, is not adequately cleaned up and repaired immediately, it can lead to damage severe enough that it becomes necessary to evacuate your home due to safety concerns.

What Do I Do If I Have Water Damage?

If you notice signs of water damage in your home, you must get it repaired immediately. Do not let it sit and cause even worse damage over time. You might try to fix it yourself, but hiring a water damage restoration company is the best way to ensure the damage is handled correctly and thoroughly. The best way to protect your home is to allow certified professionals with experience to repair the damage and remove all the water so everything is fixed and dried.

Water Damage Restoration— Wisconsin

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