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In the unfortunate event of a disaster that affects your home, saving your precious belongings is a skill that is time-sensitive. The longer your possessions are exposed to smoke or water damage, the harder it is to restore them. Instead of trying to take on this task yourself, choosing a restoration company that provides these cleaning services for you means you have the best chance of restoring your belongings to their pre-disaster condition.



    On-Site Cleaning Services from Dubuque Area Steamatic

    After storm damage, and other types of damage caused by fire, smoke and more, the team at Dubuque Area Steamatic assesses your belongings to see which items are eligible for restoration. All items are carefully cataloged into an inventory list, so you never have to worry about losing track for insurance purposes. In some cases, items can be cleaned on-site at the same time the home is being restored. In many cases, your belongings are best serviced through pack-out services, which involves moving your possessions to a secure location for proper restoration.

    What is Included in our Dubuque, IA Pack-Out Services?

    The pack-out services at Steamatic of Dubuque consist of several steps to ensure your items’ proper handling. From the time the team arrives on-site until your belongings are returned to you, every step of the way is monitored and documented to put your mind at ease:

      • Initial inspection: The team sorts through your items to determine which ones are potentially salvageable or cannot be restored.
      • Inventory: All items are added to a detailed inventory, and special care is taken to avoid any damage thoroughly. The inventory also includes the pieces you decide to keep with you.
      • Recommendations: Dubuque Area Steamatic can make restoration recommendations for specialty items that cannot be restored by on-site or pack-out services.
      • Pack-out: The team carefully prepares and packages your possessions for transport, after which they are transferred to a highly-secure storage facility, complete with climate control.
      • Off-site cleaning and restoration: The cleaning and restoration process is handled off-site and could include anything from de-odorization to a full restoration, depending on the item and the extent of the damage. Anyone handling or restoring items is certified in this process.
      • Storage: Your cleaned items are stored in a climate-controlled unit until your home is ready for them to be transported back. Items that were not salvageable are also stored for insurance inspection purposes. You and your insurance company have access to these items whenever needed.
      • Re-delivery: Your restored items are returned to your home after it is ready for you to move back in.

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    Damage to your home and belongings is an unanticipated event, so it’s always good to learn more about your options in the event of a surprise disaster. The team at Steamatic of Dubuque knows how difficult it is to see your items damaged and is dedicated to helping you restore them. For more information about the available services, contact the Steamatic of Dubuque today at (563) 556-5821.




    When disaster strikes, Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

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