Hard Surface Cleaning

We are Floor Care Pros

When it comes to keeping your hard floors clean, it can be a real challenge. While hard surface floors such as tile or natural stone are durable and resilient, they are still vulnerable to everyday soiling due to their porous nature. Over time, contaminants and dirt become embedded in the surface, and regular mopping often is not enough to reach these soils.

At Steamatic of Dubuque, our cleaning process effectively targets those deep-down soils to restore your floor’s natural beauty. While mopping pushes dirt around and can actually make the problem worse, we will completely rinse and extract soils from your floors for truly clean results. Best of all, our cleaning process is safe to use on a variety of hard flooring surfaces including tile, stone, granite, marble, and more.

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What Makes Us Great

We use specialized tile cleaning equipment that combines the power of high pressure, agitation, and high heat to reach and release deeply embedded soils and surface soils from your tile and grout. Once the soils have been released, our high-powered extraction equipment will remove the dirty water. We will continue to rinse and extract until your floors are clean.

Once your floors are clean, we will professionally seal your grout lines to protect it against soiling. This helps keep your grout lines cleaner longer and prevents staining.

Enjoy Cleaner, Healthier Floors

Our hard floor care technicians are experts in their field. They know much more than how to run a piece of equipment – they are educated in proper floor care and understand how to clean and protect your floors to ensure they remain beautiful and healthy. We want you to love your floors, and our team can answer any questions you have about hard floor maintenance. Contact us today!

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