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Steamatic Is the Leader in Construction Clean-Up

The Steamatic of Dubuque name is famous in post-construction cleaning for one reason: uncompromising service. We’ve been providing general contractor clients money-saving and asset-protecting services for over five decades. We are committed to offering customers the most innovative equipment and distinctive services in the industry. Steamatic of Dubuque has your every cleaning need covered. Contact us today to get started!


    Let Our Team Handle Every Detail of Post-Construction Cleaning

    Professional construction cleaning saves you time and money. By letting us take care of post-construction cleaning/clean-up, your workers can focus on what they do best. Your team can move on to the next job while we finish up, increasing your revenue. We also have plenty of personnel to back multiple teams simultaneously so that we can support different areas of construction without problems. We handle everything.

    Give Your Clients the Best Results With Expert Construction Cleaning

    Make your clients happy with stunning finished results and immaculate surfaces. Our team is well-known for its attention to detail and work quality. We have experience with every type of flooring material and wall surface, and we can apply protective coatings that maintain an amazing appearance for ages:

      • Stone floors
      • Marble surfaces
      • Hardwood flooring
      • Carpeting
      • Glass surfaces
      • Stainless-steel equipment
      • Epoxy floors
      • Concrete

    Before finishing the job, we leave every nook and cranny exceptionally clean. This means glass surfaces that are spotless, marble that shines brilliantly, and painted walls that look gorgeous. Whether you’re building a showroom for an automotive dealership or remodeling a condominium, perfectly clean interiors make an amazing first impression with your clients.

    Choose Our Total Construction Cleaning/Clean-Up Services

    At Steamatic of Dubuque, we provide complete construction cleaning for every part of your project. We can deliver equally amazing results in bare rooms or fully-furnished spaces. Our construction cleaning services focus on three main areas: debris removal during construction, post-construction cleaning, and exterior cleaning.

    Cleaning During Construction

    Construction projects progress in stages, and sometimes debris from earlier parts of a project can get in your way. Construction cleaning is the solution. We get rid of scraps, loose boards, concrete pieces, nails, and other hazards. We can also sweep and prep flooring and walls at this stage. That way, tile installers, carpet layers, carpenters, and plumbers can work smoothly.

    Detailed Post-Construction Cleaning

    After construction finishes, we really go to work to leave everything looking incredible. Here are just a few examples of what post-construction cleaning services include:

      • Cleaning carpets
      • Cleaning and finishing tile floors
      • Wiping down all fixtures/appliances
      • Cleaning furniture and cabinets
      • Cleaning windows
      • Removing paint drops, adhesives, and concrete splashes
      • Sanitizing bathroom fixtures and cleaning all surfaces
      • Cleaning vents and ducts

    We customize the specific cleaning details to your budget and type of construction. For example, we can sanitize all surfaces for health care facilities. We put together a detailed proposal for each and every project.

    Exterior Construction Cleaning/Clean-up

    The outside of buildings needs a thorough cleaning as well. This area involves removing all exterior debris and lumber, cleaning driveways and parking lots, washing windows, and washing building exteriors where materials allow for it. Put simply, we leave finished structures looking spotless inside and out.

    Partner With Trusted Construction Cleaning Pros for Every Job

    At Steamatic of Dubuque, our team has the experience, equipment, and personnel for construction cleaning of any scale. As the leaders in all types of cleaning in Dubuque and surrounding areas, we’ve built a great reputation that local business owners trust. Working with us means you get excellent results every time, at every job site your company works on:

      • Office buildings
      • Grocery/retail stores
      • Homes
      • Apartment buildings
      • Hotels
      • Universities
      • Hospitals
      • Shopping centers
      • Factories

    We’re happy to put the finishing touches on dream homes for real estate clients. We’re also ready to tackle the toughest industrial cleaning jobs following new construction, remodeling, or expansion of commercial facilities.

    Get started right away. Request a custom quote: call (563) 556-5821.

    The Steamatic Difference

    Superior Service: At Steamatic of Dubuque, we believe the job is never complete until the customer is 100% satisfied. Plus, with our array of cleaning and restoration services, we offer the benefits of several contractors all in one convenient, experienced and professional source.

    50+ Years of Experience: Our expertise is like money in the bank to our clients. From routine carpet maintenance to HVAC system cleaning, to the detailed restoration of delicate fabrics and furniture, there is no cleaning challenge we haven’t solved.

    No-Nonsense Professionalism: The team at Steamatic of Dubuque is committed to responsive, courteous, reliable service. We are on call 24 hours a day and will schedule your work when it’s convenient for you. We promise you will be 100% satisfied.

    Total Commercial Cleaning Solutions: Carpet Cleaning, HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning, Tile Cleaning Power Washing, Window Cleaning, and Commercial Maintenance Programs.



    When disaster strikes, Steamatic understands that you just want to get your life back to normal. Our normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, and we are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

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